You've studied astrology through a program or on your own... Your interest is piqued, but how are you keeping these skills fresh?

The solopreneur journey can be rewarding, lonely, victorious, uncertain... all at the same time.

Being a new astrologer is no different. You're balancing a new skillset with a millennia-old practice while building clients and retaining love for the art itself; a tall order!

I started Witchy Kid Collective so that we may never lose the love and community that drew us to astrology in the first place. For less than the cost of one reading, astrologers of all levels get access to 4 monthly classes that expand and deepen their studies, while supporting them in their growth. 

A membership of 4 classes a month for astrology lovers to expand and deepen their practice.

What is it?

In WKC (Witchy Kid Collective), your input is the centerpiece of the community. The monthly drop-in classes are influenced by the interest of our members, who inspire our rotating class topics. What's included:

Monthly New Moon Circle to plant intentions and see the personal impact in your own chart

(1) monthly beginner class (signs, planets, ephemeris, etc)

Real-time community of like-minded peers and astrologers to connect with and support you

Members receive 50% off  readings with me!

Our Ambassador program for advanced students creates an opportunity for members to lead classes and gain valuable experience holding space and teaching the group!

What's included?

(1) monthly advanced class (astrocartography, synsatry, asteroids, etc)

Monthly Full Moon Circle with journaling, sharing, and chart study

(1) monthly bonus circle to meet "outside class" with a topic to support your studies and business, joined by the occasional guest expert! 

"I always come away from our group sessions with a newfound, deeper understanding of astrology and my own chart." 
~Lisa, Collective member

"I left my session with clarity, good reminders, and validation that, in many ways, I'm in the right place and exactly where I was destined to be."

"Ocean affirmed very specific patterns that have been at play in my life for the past year and gave me ultra specific methods to maximize securing what I need for myself in the coming months."

Intimate, live-group zoom sessions to deepen your relationship with astrology

Our sessions are built on a foundation of shared interest and trust. Each call includes a comprehensive presentation of the subject, breakout rooms with prompts to discuss with a partner, live-journaling, and chart study of participants through the lens of the class topic at hand. 

Our New + Full Moon circles are a great way to check-in with your cohort, catalyze the energy of the month into impactful lessons, and practice holding space + being held.

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