That every version of me has been exactly where she needed to be. At 14, documenting the voices of other children in the Bhatti Mines community outside of New Delhi, India. At 17, founding a national magazine for other girls who were tired of boys and fashion being the only content tailored for us. At 18, backed by a prestigious $100k grant to skip college and build my company, playing grown-up in a Soho apartment on Forbes 30 under 30. Sounds perfect, right?

Everyone has cosmic turning points when all the pieces seem to click, yet still, something is missing. A hollow echo of a destiny unfulfilled. My creative and spiritual gifts were relegated to the back burner as a party track and hobby. I needed to make a change, and that scared the sh*t out of me.

If only I had known... that every little detour was a cosmic roadmap.

My true nature was withering away before she even had a chance to grow. This turning point was marked by a major astrological event, a Saturn Square. I left everything behind and went to Los Angeles to dive headfirst into astrology and music. Within two years, my music was on Netflix and MTV, and I was self-employed through the two passions everyone had told me were futile to pursue. Once I got out of my own way, the universe expedited my destiny. Are you ready to do the same? 

If you’re at a turning point riddled with confusion, mixed messages, outside expectations… astrology doesn’t have all the answers. I don’t either. But there's a special kind of magic when we treat it like a vessel for your innate wisdom to shine through. My passion? Helping people fall in love with that inner voice. Cultivating a relationship with her. Inviting her to the table, giving her a seat in every conversation. That is the work we do together. 

Note from Ocean:

Ocean Pleasant is a Gen Z Astrologer and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, with a knack for distilling the cosmos into practical tools and soulful discussions. Ocean is professionally-trained in esoteric astrology, certified by Debra Silverman. Her work has been recognized by a collaboration with Target, 400+ clients, and
126,000 friends on TikTok. 

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