Imagine your business is a person. Her energy is a reflection of you. Is she proud of her time-management? Is she able to delegate and trust her team? Or Is she overwhelmed, fatigued, battling imposter syndrome and survival mode?

Call 1:
All about you as a human being and founder. What makes you tick? Where is your "genius zone," what lights you up? We find your it factor and set you up for success to DO. THAT. THING.

Call 2:
All about your business as an energetic entity of its own. Who is [she]? What does she need from you? Where has she felt neglected? How can you best serve her? 

Call 3:
All about your support system. We examine the charts of three people in your inner circle or operations, and explore the synastry of your team. How can you best serve them as a leader?

astrology is your next greatest business asset,

Your vision is the lifeblood of your business. So, what happens when that vision feels doubtful, overwhelmed, stretched thin? When your mother wound or childhood trauma rears its head on a team meeting? Together, we will:

Grant cosmic permission to show up in your genius zone and delegate the rest

Fall in love with the energy and personality of your business to discover how to best serve it

Examine your workplace relationships to ensure your support system is thriving and in the right roles

I used to lose sleep over responsibilities that were never mine to carry. 

A “genius zone“ describes the skill, passion, expertise, and joy that is entirely unique to you. 

However, running a business and leading a team requires us to operate outside of our genius zones a lot of the time.

This is what creates fatigue, confusion, and procrastination. 

You can be successful, and not be in your genius zone. (I ended up on the Forbes 30 under 30 list running a business that ultimately didn't feel aligned, but that's not the goal, is it?)

The goal is to be successful while thriving in your genius zone.

Your birth chart illuminates where to lean in, and what to delegate. That is the work we can do together.

"I always come away from our group sessions with a newfound, deeper understanding of astrology and my own chart." 
~Lisa, Collective member

"I left my session with clarity, good reminders, and validation that, in many ways, I'm in the right place and exactly where I was destined to be."

"Ocean affirmed very specific patterns that have been at play in my life for the past year and gave me ultra specific methods to maximize securing what I need for myself in the coming months."

It's not enough to only understand Your chart.

Did you know your business has a birth chart? Every creation has an energetic blueprint, just like us.

By using your date of incorporation or any turning point that marked the beginning of your business, we can get to know the energy of your work itself.

It's taken on a form outside of yourself, and together we can rewire the instinct to conflate your worth with the productivity and accomplishment of what you've built.

You'll both be better off for it! 

"Ocean was the perfect choice for me, someone looking for a real master of the craft. I left our session filled with fresh awareness and abuzz with an inner joy." 



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